Demonstration outside the offices of the Innsbruck District Authority for the right to asylum for victims of political persecution in Turkey in the mid-1980s

In the mid-1980s, political refugees from Turkey, including Mustafa Korkmaz, demonstrated outside the offices of the Tyrolean Chamber of Labour, because they had had to surrender their passports there. Arrests were made when the police tried to establish the identities of the demonstrators.

In 1994 Hasan Yılmaz stood for election at the Chamber of Labour for the Green Party. His political involvement and Turkish origins prompted racist reactions, as in the case of this letter.

Kindly loaned by Hasan Yılmaz

The Yugoslavian Culture and Sports Club Bratstvo in Tyrol were founded in 1971 . The Club served as the first contact point for Yugoslavian nationals and regularly organized sports and cultural events. The wood-framed embroidery with the club coat of arms was created on the occasion of the 15-year anniversary of the club and is still in the clubhouse.

Kindly loaned by Marić Gostimir / Bratstvo

The first club house of the club Bratstvo in Innsbruck ,Hutterweg 1a.

Kindly loaned by Marić Gostimir / Bratstvo

Football team at the second Workers Sports Games, Innsbruck 1981

Gifted by Branislav Milutinović

Documentation of Ararat Campaign, 1989

Kindly loaned by Claudia Labek

Flyer for demonstration on May 1, 1985

Gifted by Gerhard Hetfleisch